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The Ascension of Valheel series - Book One
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For more than half the age of the universe Amantarra had lived in Valheel, the city built on the inside of a sphere. Existing in its own set of dimensions the city was more than just a virtual home; it was a reality in itself. Life in the city appeared perfect as it always had, but for a long time something had been fundamentally wrong. 

People were disappearing.

  They were being secretly wiped out.  

Something had found a flaw in immortality.


Three hundred thousand years ago her sister had set out to do something about it, and that was the last they’d heard from her.


Now it was Amantarra’s turn.

Saranythia part 1

The Gates of Setergard
The Ascension of Valheel series - Book Two - Part One
Saranythia Part 1


Saranythia will be published in four short parts.

It had been twelve years since the disappearance of the mysterious entity that had almost wiped out the Bruwnan. Many citizens had returned to the city of Valheel, but many were still unaccounted for.


All attempts to establish a motive for the entity's genocidal actions or its current whereabouts had failed. Had they seen the last of the entity? General consensus was that they hadn't.


Life had settled into an uneasy anticipation which looked set to continue for some time.


Then Amantarra received an invitation.

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Saranythia part 2

The Varton
The Ascension of Valheel series - Book Two - Part Two
Saranythia Part 2

Saranythia will be published in four short parts.



The invitation Amantarra had received had not gone unnoticed. Her friends had joined her. Others, less welcome, had crashed the party.

The party, it turned out, led to the middle of a battle on another planet. Sword wielding warriors fought daemons. It was there, before the Gates of Setergard that two of their number met their end.



Now, those who were left, were under the control of the victors.

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Saranythia part 3

The Secrets of the Margspakr
The Ascension of Valheel series - Book Two - Part Three
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Saranythia will be published in four short parts.


 Amantarra and the survivors are guests of the Varton, an army of religious, medieval warriors. Events have conspired to send them on a new journey. They suspect a trap, but limited choices mean the only option they have is to walk into it.


But, things are not always as they seem, there are secrets the Varton are not aware of, a history lost to the sands of time. A new player has entered the game and the rules have changed, or have they simply been playing by someone else's rules all along?

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